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latest German technology solar energy, IGBT Mitsubishi modules, stable quality, 2 times the service life.

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Since 2007, 15 years experience, Specialising in Home Solar System, Commercial Solar System


Engineer customized solutions, serving more than 160 countries, perfect after-sales service center, 7X24 service.

Home Solar System

Keep the food in the fridge fresh, the room is bright and the air conditioner is working. Special customized system to meet the needs of home owners to achieve 7*24 hours of power supply.

Commercial Solar Solution

Achieving energy autonomy is an investment with a high rate of return. Your factories, businesses, and farms will have 0 electricity bills for decades.

IOT Solar System

Check the operation of the photovoltaic machine on the cell APP, and the cellular smartphone controls the swap function. The company’s fundamental server will ship ordinary statistics to the user’s APP and mailbox in a well-timed manner. The APP robotically pushes the life -long preservation provider feature of timed upkeep reminders to enhance the existence cycle of the photovoltaic system

Product Category

10KW 10KVA Solar Power ...
TFES 48V 200Ah Lithium Battery
600W PERC Solar Panel TFL ...
THF Series High Frequency Off-...

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What do our customers say?

Peter Factory owner

I bought the 60KW system for our PVC factory. Tanfon latest technology can achieve a solution that reduces battery costs without compromising battery service life. It is really suitable for our electricity needs when we, only work during the day. I will introduce my friends to buy your products.

Ken Homeowner

Using solar energy makes my life very comfortable The air conditioner, TV, refrigerator,these all house appliances are running well, and we also recommend Tanfon products to our neighbors to buy it.

joseph Resort owner

My resort is halfway up the mountain,but the city electri it can't reach it, I chose a 15KW off grid solar system to power my resort, At the same time, the system is equipped with a remot monitor so that I can observe the status of the system, at any time on my mobile phone.

José Cerrato Dealer

I just need to sell the product to the market, the technical support and products provided by Tanfon make me continue to increase my competitiveness.

David Contractors

My project is in a remote area. Tanfon's IOT help me see the data of the system in real time, I don't need to go to the site anymore, And can be turned on and off remotely, just stay at home it is ok. If have any problems, Tanfon can give me the solution with IOT, like the service center by my side. Let me no longer worry about my customers will trouble me, which is really strong backing.


Takes innovation as the core, grasps the leading photovoltaic power generation technology, and joins the advanced industrial Internet of things and big data technology to realize the successful application of cloud computing in the field of energy management. In the industry for more than 12 years of outstanding performance, let us become a strong influence in the field of companies.


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