What are you sincerely saving with solar? Using better photovoltaic electricity can keep extra money, and the usage of DONAKOSY TANFON can store greater than simply money, retailer preservation time. Using clever DONAKOSY TANFON photovoltaic electricity + strength storage is your protected and dependable choice. With over 15 years of manufacturing experience, our products are available in more than 160 countries

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Grand hotel

This is a off grid solar power system kit for a whole hotel in Papua New Guinea,including 14 sets air-conditioners and 2 motor machines. Our clients Mr.Philip and Mr.Francis are from Philippines, their construction company is one of the best companies in Papua New Guinea.


The 60KW Hybrid solar system for Miangas Airport, Indonesia was completed installation and testing recently. The solar system provides 24 hours uninterrupted power supply for the controlling center


This case is installed in a small supermarket in Colombia. The supermarket has about 200 square meters on the second floor. Why did the owner of the system, Ymero, buy a 40KW commercial solar system? Because the local electricity is not stable, the electricity bill is high, and the diesel generator is very noisy, choosing solar energy is the right choice for a variety of reasons.

Konza Building

The eight-storey building with two basement floors will house an office block, incubation center, five star hotel and conference facility.


Before our Nigeria customer has installed his off grid 150kw 3 phase solar system successfully by on line support ! Why this customer is so brave to hand over their factory orders to TANFON.


Mr.Peter is the CEO for his Oxygen plant factory in Senegal. In one day he contacted us and told us that he was looking for Solar power plant with capacity of 60 KW to help on reducing the cost of the diesel and the utility grid bill.

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What can solar power do for your business?

In a business, electricity is the supply of the whole lot that runs the whole company, and lowering diesel-generated upkeep and decreasing the value of electrical energy isn’t simply a luxury, it’s about efficiency, freedom, and control. Leverage a TANFON storage system to store you the most cash for the longest time. Once your machine is up, the solar system will begin paying you again for the most return on your investment.

Shingled solar panel, will lead a new round solar panel technology changes

Quality Management System

We pride ourselves on making quality products and always setting the highest standards for our craftsmanship, Learn how we do it.

IOT Solar System

Tanfon Solar IOT proudly provides a lifetime of ongoing care and support to ensure your system is always working to maximum capacity. we’re there with you every step of the way to help you make the most of your investment. We live and breathe solar!

Tanfon Manufacturer

Tanfon Solar manufacturer focuses on inverter products development, solar power system design, production, sale service, after-sale site service. We supply site survey, design, production, installation, maintenance of one-stop service.

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This dream is deeply rooted in the mind each TANFON person.

Home Solar System

1kw-25kw solar system, suitable for household owners, Learn about detailed specifications.


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Tanfon solar supports distribution business plan all over the world

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With international warming and the deterioration of the ecological environment, Many developed nations have moved from an industrial society to a cutting edgesociety, however many creating nations nonethelesswant the enterprise to pressure employmentandenhance people’s residing requirements and quality.

For any enterprise, the use of photovoltaic energy, photovoltaic power saves you commercial enterprise cash that would in any other case be spent on utility bills. It can additionally deliver you a 24-hour uninterrupted strength supply, which is a simple benefit.According to a 2018 TANFON survey, 86% of commercial enterprise respondents referred to saving cash as one of the pinnacle motives for funding photo voltaic tasks – some waiting to retail heaps of hundreds of greenbacks (or more) over the lifetime of their industrial photo voltaic electrical energy value panel system.Tanfon APP is your online protection robot, which robotically pushes the carrier characteristic of life-long preservation of ordinary preservation reminders, and improves the lifestyles cycle of the photovoltaic electricity system. It can shop you for extra electrical energy bills.
Look, the trouble is, all the suppliers on the Internet say they are factories, And taking substandard products as fine products, it is hard to identify, TANFON internet site set up real-time monitoring, anytime, somewhere to see the actual manufacturing unit production, testing, installation, aging, inspection, packaging. It is a photovoltaic manufacturing company that makes you sense at ease. If your cooperation is now not an easy enterprise relationship, however, is primarily based on cooperation that can, in reality, serve you for 25 years or more, select a sensible IOT provider manager, display the operation of the photovoltaic device at any time, and push everyday upkeep reminders for lifelong maintenance. Services that enhance the lifestyles cycle of solar systems Choose Tianfeng, select a producer with 25 years of provider potential with you! Not a purchase or promotion transaction.
The fact is greater human beings are the use photo voltaic electricity now than ever before. Global industrial and industrial photovoltaic installations are developing at an annual charge of 15%. Business proprietors have realized that putting in photovoltaic is extra good value than the usage of diesel or utility power. Guided through the insurance policies of every country, greater and greater human beings pick out a variety of renewable strength sources.