Shingled solar panel, will lead a new round solar panel technology changes

TANFON Shingled solar panel: the future direction, will lead a new round panel technology changes
  1. What is the shingled solar panel?

The solar cells are cut into 5 or 6 cells, and each small cell is superimposed and arranged, and the small cells are connected into a string with conductive glue, and then laminated into a module after series-parallel layout.

  1. Production processes different

1). The shingled components of the same area can be packed into more cells.

The conductive glue is used to connect the cells to achieve zero spacing between the cells, which greatly reduces the white space of the package. Using shingled technology can encapsulate 66 batteries, which brings a 10% increase in power.

2). Shingled components generally the cell slice is cut into 5 or 6 slices, so that the current of the monolithic battery is only 1 /5 or 1 /6 of the original current consumption and the current consumption is only the original 1/25 or 1/36,which has lower resistance compared to the use of solder ribbon , Low power loss.

What is advantage compared with the half cell and MBB panel?

.Effectively reduce the impact of occlusion

One the left, it is the traditional panel, the cell slice is connected in series, If have the shading, the whole panel could not produce the power.

One the right, it is this Shingled panel, the cell slice is connected in parallels. If have the shading, only the covered part don’t produced power, don’t affect the whole panel.  

So the shingled panel can effectively reduce the loss of power generation and hot spots caused by shading.

2). Longer Warranty time

Shingled panel is 15 years warranty, the other panels are 10 years

  1. Higher Power efficiency

USA TR Technology,increase module efficiency, mono-facial up to 21.88%

Strong anti-cracking advantage

4).Power increase 10% or more

Theoretically, the power of watts can be increased by 15%, and the power of mass production  can  generally  be increased by 10%- 12%. Based on M 2 specification, for mono PERC cells, the power of 60-type conventional monolithic module can reach 315W, while the shingled one can reach 345W!

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Table One: Comparison of solar panel power with different assembly methods (unit: w)

How reliable is the shingled module? Can it pass the double or even triple IEC standard test?

At present, the double and triple IEC test attenuation of shingles meets the requirements of IEC, especially according to the test result of Seraphim CNAS laboratory after TC600, the attenuation is only 1.03%. Better than conventional components.

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