Why some batteries at the same price can work for 6-8 years?

Why some batteries at the same price can work for 6-8 years, but some can only work for 1-2 years?

Why some batteries can carry high-current loads without damaging the battery, but some batteries are only suitable for low-current discharge, and the large current will generate heat and the plate will fall off, which will reduce the lifespan?

If there is a solar power system battery, which is more suitable for large-current discharge, and more suitable for high-power loads, the lifespan can reach 6-8 years, do you want to know it ?


Welcome to Tanfon Battery Factory. I will explain to you why Tanfon battery life is longer from three point.

First,Controlling battery quality from raw materials

Lead is one of the important materials for gel batteries. In order to ensure the purity of lead, we have introduced a direct reading spectrometer imported from Germany to ensure that the purity of lead reaches 99.99%, and that all batteries produced are free of impurities.

Second,From production process to control the quality of the battery

each of our batteries has the important material of silica automatically poured into the battery. Adding this material and process can prevent thermal runaway, prevent electrolyte layering, prevent leakage, and reduce the attenuation rate. Extend battery life and ensure battery quality and stability.

Third, In order to respond to the world’s issues-battery lightweight and increase specific energy, the company has developed through-wall welding technology to reduce the distance between cell and cell, greatly reduce internal resistance, and improve battery high-current discharge performance, compared to normal Technology, the life span is increased by more than 40%.

During 12 years on solar market ,we already have successful case buy solar power from 2012,change the new battery after 8 years .

Welcome to cooperation with TANFON SOLAR !

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