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what can solar electricity carry to your home?

It represents a top way of life. The advantages you can get with the aid of putting in a TANFON SOLAR device are RELIABILITY & AFFORDABILITY, which may additionally be the smartest long-term funding you can make in your home.

Many people are not only spending greater time working from home but also and living at home which implies huge electricity consumption. Light are on during the night, fresh foods are in the fridge, water is running, there is no extra power generator noise. It’s simply a luxury life. What can solar electricity brings to your daily life? It represents a top way of life. The advantages TANFON Solar system gives you are RELIABILITY & AFFORDABILITY, and this is the smartest one time investment you can make.

Why Donakosy Tanfon?

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Design a photovoltaic machine answer that suits your domestic primarily based on your electrical energy utilization and load, roof type

Enough Is The Best

Tanfon solar system can make you save 90% electricity bill,provide you 24hours electricity. You just need to provide the power of water pump/air conditioner/freezer/motor such inductive loads or an electricity bill to us, and then we can customize a solar system for your home.

High Quality

The highest efficient solar panel on the market, save your installation area, With 15 years of industry experience, solving household electricity in more than 160 countries.

Manufactured by Tanfon

it provides professional power saving solutions for home users, and solves the problem of power shortage. It realizes complete accessories design and detailed installation instructions, so that every user can relaxed easily install solar energy for their own houses system, Every component is designed to work together flawlessly,you no need to buy other accessories at local.

Donakosy Tanfon Solar + IOT

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Tanfon Solar + IOT has been servicing solar maintenance, inverters and solar panels for over 10 years, increasing our customer’s solar generation by up to 30%!ensure that your panels are working to maximum capacity.

Tanfon ESS® +Lithium Battery Storage

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1kw-25kw solar system, suitable for common household owners. Learn about detailed specifications.

Solar system with IOT

Solar IOT, a free photovoltaic housekeeper for your life.Check the operation of the photovoltaic machine on the cellular APP, and the cellular smartphone controls the change function. The APP routinely pushes the life-long upkeep carrier feature of timed preservation reminders to enhance the existence cycle of the photovoltaic system.


About Donakosy Tanfon Solar

Tanfon Solar manufacturer focuses on inverter products development, solar power system design, production, sale service, after-sale site service. We supply site survey, design, production, installation, maintenance of one-stop

Go Solar with Donakosy Tanfon Solar


completely off the grid, Realized 0 electricity bills.

This is a feedback picture sent to us by a customer from the Netherlands. When he found Tanfon, he confided to us that his electricity was expensive. With the shortage of energy in Europe in recent years due to the world situation, European countries Electricity bills are also rising rapidly, and many ordinary families have a headache for electricity bills.


One day in 2020, we received an inquiry from an Australian customer and knew that the customer was looking for a 10kva solar system for his horse stable.


The customer found that we need a solar system, because the local electricity bill is very expensive, so they hope to use the solar system to load part of the electricity and reduce the cost of electricity bills.


This 8kw solar system with batteries project is located in Krabi Thailand, a city full of sunshine and attract many visitor from all over the world.

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Successful feedback cases from overseas customers.

Dealer Policy

Tanfon solar supports distribution business plan all over the world


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We pride ourselves on making quality products and always setting the highest standards for our craftsmanship, Learn how we do it.

Frequently asked questions

We grant experts to set up drawings and personmanuals, TANFON hands on setup technique videos, and the manufacturing unit has a very whole setup gear for on-site set up demonstrations. Any nearby electrician can without difficulty installing the TANFON device 100%.

It is encouraged to pick out gadget add ons merchandiselicensed via nationally permitted certification bodies, and the models, specs, and producers of key factors and uncooked substances need to be regular with the licensed products. In addition, the specifications, models, and technical parameters of all gadget add-ons need to fit the plan of the whole system.

With lifelong maintenance and Professional customized design, Tanfon’s commercial and residential solar systems reduce financial expenses and energy autonomy.Buy Tanfon’s solar system, and get a free smart lifelong maintenance butler APP!

First of all, after our engineers have custom-made the machine appropriate for you, We will ship the goods to the destination port by sea. We will aid in the complete process, entirely the transportation and customs declaration, and have no issues about customs declaration clearance and clean receipt of goods. Africa, Asia furnish door-to-door carriers or nearby pickup services.

First of all, DC combiner boxes, inverters, and different gear strains have overload safety functions. When atypical voltages such as lightning strikes and leakage occur, they will routinely become off and disconnected, so there is no protection problem. Secondly, the floor of photovoltaic modules is made of superb impact-resistant tempered glass, which has passed through rigorous trying out and checking out when passing the EU certification and can stand up to wind stress of 200Pa and snow stress of 7200Pa.